Lots of security issues with computers.

There can be a lot of security issues with computers. Windows XP is at its end of life, and Windows 7 or higher has problems with Internet Explorer’s security. Make sure to do your Windows updates. Also go to adobe.com to update flash player and java.com to update your java. If you need help feel free to call.

Time’s up. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft is ending security updates and patches for Windows XP and Office 2003. Just having a Windows XP computer on your network will be an automatic HIPAA violation— which makes you non-compliant.

What to update and what not to update. I usually tell people windows updates will install themselves. If a java or adobe update pops up,  those are safe to install. For any other popups you see that are not any of the above, you can call me if you don’t know what they are or need advice.

Internet Explorer seems to always have a problem. Run your windows update and it should install any security updates. Click START – PROGRAMS  and WINDOWS UPDATES. Click EXPRESS and install all important updates.

Windows XP support comes to an end April 8th. This does not mean it will stop working. It means Microsoft will not put out any updates anymore for XP. Eventually 3rd party software providers like Adobe and Java will do the same so eventually your computer will not work or display web pages properly.  The same thing goes for your virus program. Most older computers with XP are too old to be upgraded. We can still build Windows 7 computers and towers. If you want Windows 8, we can also do that and show you how to use it also.

The Heartbleed vulnerability allows an attacker to read the memory of systems using certain versions of OpenSSL. This does not infect your computer, rather it takes advantage of a vulnerability on some secure websites. The only thing you can do is change your passwords which is something you should do occasionally anyway.